"In-Sight" (installation view)
32” X 24” each
Digital inkjet prints on paper

The Brain--is wider than the Sky-- (Emily Dickinson)
“In-Sight” is a series of photographs for which 
subjects were given a demonstration of perspectival 
construction for drawing to demonstrate how lines 
converge at a vanishing point on the horizon line. 
Subjects were then asked to imagine inverting the 
lines of perspective from behind their eyes to a 
vanishing point on the back of the inside of their 
heads. The photographs depict an idea of vision 
without seeing (in-sight). The photographs 
illustrate the infinite space of the mind; each 
image captures a departure of ‘presence’ which is 
evident in the subjects’ vacant eyes.

"The Diagram For All Solutions: 
A series of 75 drawings"
variable format; pictured: 60 drawings: 
77” height X 90” width
Grahite and archival ink on engineering 
computational paper with vinyl sleeves

The “Diagram for All Solutions” is a set 
of 75 hand-drawn drawings that explores 
the visual dimensions of information 
processing--the biological computations 
that underlie perception and thought. Each 
drawing is an imagined depiction of what 
happens inside the synaptic gap where 
neurons fire and information is modified. 
This series of drawings is presented with 
a guide for the viewer.

"Between Thinking and Thinking Again 
with Critical Analysis 1, 2 & 3" 
(Installation View)
45 compressed charcoal drawings 
(24” X 30”) and three accompanying 
archival ink drawings on paper (Critical 
Analysis 1, 2 and 3, each 24” X 30”)

Description: “Between Thinking and 
Thinking Again” is a project that 
captures states of “not thinking” 
through drawing. For this project 
(45 compressed charcoal drawings on 
paper) I record split-second moments 
of ‘not-thinking’ through mark-making 
with compressed charcoal. Critical 
Analysis 1, 2 and 3, are three 
subsequent drawings whereby I analyze 
the collective ‘not thinking’ drawings 
according to three criteria: tonal 
value, direction and overall gesture.

"The Diagram For All Solutions: 
The End of Knowledge"
Grahite and archival ink on 
engineering computational paper 
and vinyl sleeve
12” X 9”

"The Diagram For All Solutions: 
Explaining A Rock To A Rock"
12” X 9”
Grahite and archival ink on 
engineering computational paper 
and vinyl sleeve