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As a New Yorker who saw the Trade Center fall, it is probably no accident 
that I subsequently took to the streets as a reaffirmation of the city 
that I love.  A chance encounter with a particular class, a particular 
camera, and a particular technique erupted into this current body of work.  
Most of my images are urban in nature and express the experience of 
walking a city street.  The bombardment of the senses, the urgency, the 
multifaceted character of New York, in particular, is a constant i
nspiration to me. The city explodes with life; I attempt to capture that 
energy and vitality and to show the wonders possible around each corner. 
The multiple exposures expand on the concept of the captured moment, 
they cause the flow of events to pause and be revealed.  Presenting 
variety in scale and space, the images draw the viewer into a world 
of unexpected and unclear juxtapositions; a story unfolds, a discovery 
I use a $20 plastic camera called the Holga. My long overlapping 
images are created by only partially advancing the film between 
exposures the overlapping occurs in the film itself.  The first 
viewing of a negative is for me, as much as for anyone, a moment of 
revelation and surprise.  A computer programmer by trade (where 
control is the objective), I delight in allowing chance to bring 
what it may.