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Kim Connell:

An upside down pyramid is the central metaphor in this piece.  I was
using it to represent the difficulty I have processing my thoughts and 
feelings.  It became a way for me to externalize what was going on with
me.  The piece begins with a pyramid that I have to break down because 
it is too big for me to think about all at once.  Smashing the pyramid
was a way of reducing it to something manageable.

I like working with motion.  In all my work, I am attracted to the way 
things move and how they work together.

Stephanie Hodnett:

For me, art is all about making connections to people and finding new 
ways to communicate with others.  When Kim asked me to write something 
for her video piece it was a great way to connect with her through her 
art.  Working on this was like having a conversation with her using the 
medium that each of us is most comfortable with: video for her and words 
for me.