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    I am best known for my imaginative map paintings whose geographic 
features are invested with significant images of animals, celebrities, 
mythical creatures and even cell pathologies. My fascination with maps 
started in the fourth grade. I sat in front of a standard pull-down map which 
provided hidden scenes to me. I was, at this point in time, inspired to 
create a complete atlas of the United States of America.
    My first map painting was of the continent of Australia which functioned 
as a double image: the continent of Australia and a Scottish terrier.

    Given the complexity of these types of paintings, I have recently 
loosened my technical approach resulting in a new series of cemented canvas 
paintings. As in my map paintings, recognizable forms lift themselves out 
from an abstract surface depicting images such as bicycles, the head of 
Leonardo da Vinci, or simply the number "6".