For the past ten years, I have been making sculptures, 
installations, and photographs that reference "Still Life"
genre paintings.  For the person who is engaged with 
metaphors pertaining to the body, the Still Life gives me 
the framework to explore the many aspects of the human 
condition.  Because of its broadness, it can easily be a 
life pursuit, one that gives mobility for exploration. 
I continue to work within the vast framework of the human 
condition, and all of the absurdities that go along with it.  
This genre allows me to work with many materials and 
compositions and yet keep the same sentiment. I carefully 
choose unique materials that will act as a "host" for 
these ideas.  Through all of my investigations I study 
the personality, process, and significance of a material 
until it is one with the idea, not just a copy or a 
representation. It is always important for me to use a 
material that the viewer does not exactly notice at first, 
but when he/she goes further with the piece the added 
information completely enmeshes with the idea of the work. 
An excitement is found as if working a puzzle.  My latest 
investigation is with the basic elements of sustenance; 
bread, salt, and water. These materials illustrate the 
simplicity, fragility and mortality of our existence, 
and is a symbol of security through the life sustaining 
properties they hold.  I just finished a "Vanita" series 
made of bread, it is my desire to work with the idea of 
the Still Life banquet table next.

- J. Gurecka