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"Solar-Powered Sex Machine"
Rubber penis & vagina, solar cell, motor and mixed media

Apart from an eternal interest in sex as a subject, this 
work came primarily from the desire to make something so 
unusual and unprecedented that it would have the power 
to act as a catylist between people, giving complete 
strangers common ground and currency for interaction.

"Untitled (Stan)"
Life-size lenticular photograph 

Hot Vessels was a show of large interactive portraits 
with themes of seduction and engagement. These 
pieces consist of life-size lenticular nudes to form 
an investigation of the moment when something 
becomes "sexy".

Collaborative Performance/Installation
Infoparties are a special kind of party. They 
aim to bring people together to create bodies 
of information which will have a common 
value, either by virtue of their unusual 
haracter, or by virtue of their usefulness. 
And in some cases, maybe both. Everyone in 
attendance becomes a collaborator and 
participants by writing answers to a series 
of questions on stickers, and then sharing 
these answers with each other by placing 
them on large boards which are displayed.

Critique of the Blue Painting
Paint, wood, electronics

Courtesy of Lance Fung Gallery
Two animatronic trees passionately agrue 
over the value of an Yves Klein painting. 
One eloquently defends the trajectory and 
nuances of art history, while the other 
tree argues that artists have a responsibility 
to address the audience in an accessible 
manner claiming, "My mom would hate this 
fucking shit." 

"Talking Painting"
Paint, wood, electronics 

The talking painting is an object which 
can be puppeted to create the illusion 
that it has it's own volition. There is 
an imperceptible video camera and 
microphone on the surface of the 
painting which allows "it" to see and 
hear everything around it.