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"Lumia Scale #8"
12" H x 19" W x 1" D
LEDs, electronics, software, mica, steel

"Lumia," was a term coined by Thomas Wilfred
early in the 20th century to describe a light
composition based on the theories of music. By
introducing the idea of a visual scale analogous 
to a musical scale, I attempted to do for Lumia
what the chromatic scale had done for western

"Horus-Thehen Reified"
46" H x 61" W x 1" D
LEDs, electronics, software, mica, steel

Ancient Egyptians worshipped many forms
of Horus, Horus-Ra is one of the better
known; Horus-Thehen meant Horus, the 
"sparkling one." To "reify" means to 
"treat an abstraction as the real thing,
" raising the question of happens when
you treat the idea of an ancient god 
as real.

Costumes commissioned by Art Futura, Barcelona, Spain 
Costume concept: Julia Heyward 
Costume design: Flash Light 
Woman: Lisa Turngren 
Man: Flash Light 
Camera: Julia Heyward 
Director: Flash Light 

"Solar Candle #1"
18" H x 3" Diameter
LED, solar cell, battery, electronics, 
recycled can, goose neck

What could be more romantic and 
ecologically correct than a candle that
runs on solar power, doesn't pollute, 
poses no fire hazard, and can flash in 
the rhythm of a Tango?