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always the need to work. hands make head happy when working. creating art is 
translating subjective unconscious onto physical planes.

i started off as a poet and will always be a poet... the greatness being able 
to do so is being able to say the most in the least possible space consumed. 
the precision is pure and the abstraction, limitless.

then the spontaneity of photography hooked me.

now, it is both that spontaneity of photography and the observed time-process 
of painting that keeps me. there's a dadaist introduction with little else 
beside the paint itself determining authenticity, it allows itself to become 
itself without me interupting with "thought" that has came from elsewhere, 
hence, has been done before! ...then,, more often than not, i allow the ego 
to step inside and satisfy conscious demands driven by obsessive preconceived 
beliefs of form, color etc. the actual editing process from here can be one 
mark or an entire surface wash. but, in the end, what really matters is that 
there are no recognizable ends. the essence ought be in the work and the re-work. 
watching changes as they occur with strokes taken back or movement forced over. 
neighboring marks integrate and fizz within a whole.

and just like these paintings, whether chaotic or calm, life too, is justly 
examplified in uncertainty and inevitable change.