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Multi-media Alkyd painting on canvas
54x 54

Untitled-0505 is composed of shared images 
of oriental amulets from the internet. The 
iris, a rotated image of artwork from 
anonymous artists on the internet, is 
sitting on the top of numerous juxtaposed 
images of amulets. It is the focal point of 
this good-luck painting, to watch out for 
viewers living through uncertainty and 
suffering in the modern society. I alchemize 
it with the western oil based paint and the
 oriental mineral pigment; gold and the 
vermilion color of cinnabar, sulfide of 
mercury, also important minerals in Alchemy 
in Western tradition.  Cinnabar is believed 
to ward off the evil spirits which is essential 
for painting of amulets.  As if I painted the 
traditional amulets, I did the centuries old 
ritual practice for the painting from the 
beginning to the end; which is burning incense, 
chanting and bows.  

Multi-media Alkyd painting on canvas
54x 54

Mandala is the first work of multi-media 
painting series.  I found images of an 
anonymous timeworn Buddha sculpture on 
the internet and collaged them into a big 
blossom.  I initially sketched this on the 
computer from 1993 and digitally printed, 
however, finished with conventional painting 
technique on canvas in 1995.  It is a 
self-portrait and also my spiritual journey 
of searching for happiness; from the present 
time to the ancient thought and looping back 
to the modern mind. 

Multi-media Alkyd painting on canvas
74x 54

X is the pinnacle of the current culture. I 
researched and collected images of the actually 
existing illegal narcotics on the internet and 
built globes on the virtual space. After several 
digital printing experiments, I continued the 
process as a painting.  I spotlight the consumer 
culture and the mind of users, which feed each 
other though this still image.  Gigantic globes 
appear as our vanities, however, reflect our 
yearning for solemn life. 

"Drug Cabinet-small"
Multi-media Acrylic Painting on Canvas
11x 14

Drug Cabinets reflect the typical pattern of 
the modern life style.  The experience of 
looking into our drug cabinets and searching 
for remedy of our pain becomes a ritual in 
the contemporary society.   The arrangement 
of the medicine forms the flag pattern like 
the Star-Spangled Banner.  This still image 
projects our increasing insecurity and 
dependency on pharmaceutical in America as 
if the whole nation is composed of.  

"East Of Eden"
Multi-media Acrylic Painting on Canvas
14x 14 

East of Eden portrays the east side of the Garden 
of Eden from the oldest biblical themes in Western 
culture.  I plugged this theme into the Buddhist 
traditional art on canvas.  Pills in a shape of 
flowers bloom the idea pursuing happiness.  It is 
one of series of on-going the Garden of Eden works.  
The blue color in oriental philosophy indicates the 
East.  I use the oriental color theory into the 
Garden of Eden project; 4 different colors indicate 
the 4 corners and 4 seasons and 4 elements of the