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Paul Virilio described in his book 'Open Sky' the new technological 
environment and the postindustrial 'technosphere' where :"The law 
of mechanical proximity that once allowed us to carve up and develop
the human environment, the 'exogenous' environment of the species, 
is giving way to law of electromagnetic proximity about which we 
really know nothing and understand even less". If information from 
any point can be transmitted with the speed of light, the concepts 
of near and far, horizon, distance and space itself no longer exists. 
The new space is a claustrophobic world without any depth or horizon, 
distinction between the 'real' and 'virtual'; the Earth becomes our 
prison. What are the poetic and visual aspects of such environment?
Body_slide page is a visualization of time and space compression, 
or a real body and computer 3D virtual body. The random cross 
section of those panorama images, video sound and text creates new 
meanings and experiences.