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Why is it that we work in order to survive, and yet it 
becomes the one thing that keeps us from living our lives?

My art deals with the symbiotic relationship between work 
and life. The typewriter is used as a metaphor for the 
obedient obsessive worker, - one whose work has become 
his identity. The only sign of his existence is the reams 
of repetitive, impersonal print. The typewriter was chosen 
because, like many workers, it is now obsolete, surpassed 
by better or cheaper technology. Here the typist's labour 
seems meaningless, outdated, and unnecessarily tedious. 
While it may appeal to an outsider as nostalgic, the 
excessive effort carries a sense of pointlessness. 
Embedded in these pieces are small glimpses of emotion and 
a more intense life.

Technology is rapidly advancing; designed to take on our 
responsibilities, make decisions for us, and eliminate the 
“human error.” Eventually, all technology becomes replaced 
due to efficiency and convenience. Given this process, what 
freedoms and personal advancements are we giving up in the 
name of convenience, and how does this affect the state of 
the American workforce?

My work ranges from poetic verses of the beauty and the 
importance of life, to apocalyptic visions about the death 
of thought. There is a constant exploration of order, 
obedience and the place of creativity, spontaneity, and the 
sense of self.