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My work reflects my life as a child in the days after I moved to New York.

In Japan I grew up with so many things made in America such as TV shows, 
music, food and especially movies. I was attracted to American culture's 
different gestures, sense of humor, fashion and appearance. Everything 
seemed so happy and bright for me at that time. It was my little fantasy.

Upon moving to New York in 1997 I was struck by the difference between 
what I saw and experienced and the romantic vision I had conjured while 
in Japan.  My idea of American life began to change rapidly.  I 
immediately struggled with the cultural difference between Japan and 
America, where so many races intermingle, each with their own traditional 
background and point of view.  I felt so lost in this mind-boggling 
atmosphere that I was brought to tears on several occasions. Although 
lately I am able to appreciate this diverse place, for the great and 
valuable new things that I am able to experience in a land exposed to so 
many different ideas. Through the exposure to this constant diversity I am 
able to see and embrace my own Japanese culture more readily, and find 
unique lenses into other cultures and world affairs.

Now I can only open my eyes wider to see something that is invisible for 
many people. I am finding something new about America and it's different 
communities almost everyday through my adventures in New York.