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Patrick Dominic Visentin is an Artist and Educator living and working in 
Montreal, Quebec.  He studied in Canada, receiving a Masters degree in 
Print Media from Concordia University, a BFA from Mount Allison University 
and a BA from St. Francis Xavier University.  He is a multidisciplinary 
artist whose work can include anything from drawing, print and photograph 
to video, installation and performance.  He has participated in various 
group and solo exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States and abroad.

Prints culled from the PHYLUM Feb. 2006 
Leckey Gallery @ 5352 Jeanne Mance, Mile End, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Selected Works (March, 2004) 
Gallery McClure- Visual Arts Centre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Phylum April 2001 
Masters Thesis Exhibit - Bain St Michel - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Digital Prints and Sculpture. 

Art@Science.137 (June-August, 1999) 
University of New Brunswick Art Center - Fredericton, New Brunswick
Canada. Prints, Poetry, Performance. 


Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival 2008 (Sept. 2008) “The Innagural NYC 
East River Aquathon,” Dumbo Arts Center,  Brooklyn NY, USA.

La Biennale Voir Grand (May-June 2008) Atelier Circulaire et la Maison de 
la culture de Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, Montréal , Quebec, 
Canada. Digital Print.

Intersculpt 2007-Digital Sculpture and Biomorphism (October, 2007) Hôtel du 
Département de Meurthe-et-Moselle, Nancy, Lorraine, France. Rapid Prototype 
Digital Sculpture.

Intersculpt 2007- (October, 2007) Krannert Art Museum, Canvas Gallery, 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , Champaign, IL. USA. 
Rapid Prototype Digital Sculpture.

Dark Matter (July 2007) The Speed of Dark Collective at Flight Gallery 
1906 S Flores, San Antonio, Tex, USA

Art@Science.137 (March 2007) Brandon University poetry-science symposium, 
University gallery, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.  

Family Foto (Feburary-April 2007)     Pinkspace- Montrreal, Quebec, 

The Rider Project: newBees(October 2006) D.U.M.B.O. Art Festival, 
New York, New York, USA.  Digital print

Biennale 3000 Sao Paulo: How to Live Together in Reality (October 2006) 
Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Video and digital Stills.

The Rider Project: cell2Cell2CELL (Sept 2006) New York, New York. Multimedia
collaboration, The Speed of Dark collective = Gerard Leckey and Patrick Visentin

Endless Forms:Engaging Evolution (March 2006) 
Work Gallery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Digital Print

Shout at Eternity (June, 2002) 
Articule,Special Projects Bain St Michel - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Performance, Video. 

Here and Now show (September, 2001) 
Silicon Gallery/The General Store - Brooklyn, N.Y., USA. Digital Print. 

Focus Nine (August, 2001) 
Stephen S. Douglas Gallery, - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Digital Prints. 

Group Show (May, 2001) 
Stephen S. Douglas Gallery - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Digital Prints. 

Le Spectacle Noir (May, 2001) 
Bain St Michel - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Performance. 

Bravo (April, 2001) 
Concordia University M.F.A. Juried Group Show - 1500 De Maisoneuve, Montreal 
Quebec, Canada. Photographs. 

Performatuation (October, 2000) 
VAV Gallery - Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Performance. 

Le Mythologie Des Lieux (August – September, 2001) 
L’art contemporain et multidisciplinarite - Symposium International - St Jerome, Quebec 

The Blanket Press (April, 1999) 
M.F.A. Print Media Group Show - Belgo Building, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 


Shout at Eternity (June 2002) 
Co-Curated juried group show of fifty artists. Two-day event included video 
screening live performance, installation, and site responsive/reflexive work 


Louis The Saltwater Rabbit 
Digital illustrations for children’s Book 
SPA Re-Productions 2000, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Ed Douma, L. Greenwood, Hudson S. Purdon, M. Anchorage Press, Jolicure, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Vol. 37. pp16-18. 1997. ISBN 1-X95488. Photography. ART@SCIENCE.137

Visentin L., Visentin P. Anchorage Press, Jolicure New Brunswick, Canada, 
Mt. Allison University, Sackville New Brunswick, Canada and Concordia University, 
Montreal Quebec, Canada, 2000. Book Design, Intaglio prints, Typography. 


Ecclectica Online Journal of Brandon University 

Cover Art for issues Published: January 2002, May 2002, September 2002, December 2002, 
April 2003, August 2003. 


Tchou, Tchou 
00:05:00 Video installation, 1999 
Drop in The Bucket 
00:09:00 Video Short, 2002 
James Johnstone Presents: The New 1001 Pushup Man 
00:17:00 Videography 
Sohne Meo 


Berube S. Des oeuvres a bruler! La Presse: Arts et Spectacles. 25 Septembre, Montreal     
Quebec Canada, 1999. 

Derouin, R. and Lapointe, G. Pour une Coulture du Territoire, Editions de l’Hexagone, 
Montreal, Quebec Canada. 2001. pp 199-201. 

Grimaldi, F. Joie et frustration d’une vadrouilleuse a Saint-Jerome.. La Presse, 
1er, Octobre, Montreal, Quebec Canada, 1999. 

Maclauren, E. Fly Me to the Moon, Mirror Magazine, Volume 16, Number 47, April 26, 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Mythologie des Lieux: Art contemporain et multidisciplinarité, Acces 17, 
St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada, Septembre, 1999. 

Les Jeromiens invités a un defilé de… sculptures. L’ECHO DU NORD. 22 September, 
Quebec, Canada, 1999. 

Proulx, L. Mythologie des lieux jeromiens, Nord Info. 18, Septembre, Quebec, 
Canada, 1999. 

Rainer, M. Taking Art to the People of St-Jerome, Concordia’s Thursday Report. 
October 21st, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 1999. 


Visual Art Centre, Gallery McClure - 2004. 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Artist Talk and Workshop - Creativity: Germinating and 
Developing Artistic Ideas. 

Saidye Bronfman Centre For the Arts – 2003. 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Artist Talk. 

Concordia University - 2001 
Montreal, Quebec Canada, Typography workshop - Workshop on the use and possibilities of 
Vandercook Proof Press in artistic production. 

Concordia University – 2001. 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Artist Talk - Contemporary print practice - Given to members of 
Printmaking Society of Canada. 

University of New Brunswick Art Gallery – 1998. 
Artist Talk, Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada. 

Articule Artists Run Centre. Montreal, Quebec Canada. Special Projects Grant 
Centre d’exposition du Vieux-Palais et la Ville de Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada. 
Rene Derouin Foundation Val David, Quebec, Canada. 
Cree Nation. Pukatawagan Youth Program. The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. 

Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, 
2275, rue Holt, Montréal, Québec, Canada. 
Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints Ltd. 
139 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA. 
Concordia University 
Print Media Department, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 


ASCI Art and Science Collaborations Incorporated. 
CAA College Art Association 
Articule Artist run Centre Montreal. Quebec. Canada.
The Speed of Dark Artist Collective

M.F.A. 1998 - 2001 Concordia University
B.F.A. 1994 - 1998 Mount Allison University
B.A. 1987 - l991 Saint Francis Xavier University