Personal Web Site

I shoot photographs for the love of the city and my interest in 
humans and their interaction with their city environment.  Street 
photography runs in my blood and is what incites me to take 
photographs.  Living in a neighborhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 
with such varied people, cultures and architecture just stirs up 
my passion.  In just a four-block radius from my apartment there 
is a multitude of things to photograph; a never-ending cornucopia 
of visual excitement in which to frame in my photographs.  It is 
never ending the strangeness and beauty I see on these streets, 
it is an obsession that can never be completed which is the beauty 
of it.
I began photography in college when finding a friendís SLR camera 
and looking through the lens for the first time.  It fascinated me 
to be able to look through the lens and frame people who are going 
about their business for me turning everyday life into beautiful 
dramatic art.  It started right then my obsession and fascination 
for street photography and it continues to this day.  It has always 
been a hobby, one I have been unwilling to bend or curb for any 
reason but my own, and so I have not gone the route of career 
photographer but have kept it my own.  As I have gotten older I have 
decided to venture out to let others see my vision that has been 
solely my own obsession for years.  I am hopping others see the 
beauty I see everyday, everyday scenes not taken for granted but 
captured and framed in visually strange and exciting ways.
My recent work has mostly been taken right here in Park Slope, 
Brooklyn, which has a never-ending amount of photographic material.  
I feel privileged to live in such a place that gives me the stimulation 
to feed my obsession.  I am presenting here photographs taken all 
within Park Slope and the vicinity right here in the great city of 
Brooklyn, NY USA!