Gallery Aferro
city without walls

Exhibited @ www.gallerythe.org September 27 through November 16th, 2007

Work by: Gianluca Bianchino Paul Gabel Jesse Houlding Jenny Hyde Beth Krebs It is becoming more common that as pedestrians we are confronted with moving imagery, most often in the form of advertisements, as we walk down the streets. Store Front Films is intended to bring moving imagery to the same audience in the form of short, experimental and avant-garde film\video. This is a program that will have many venues and will explore every avenue of artistic expression. For Gallery The, I propose a short list of artists that are working with elegant and subtle imagery, to create an experience of quiet beauty and longing. When Store Front Film premiered at Gallery Aferro it was done with digital projections in three large windows after 9:00 pm. At 207 Gallery video was projected onto one screen in a single window. In both instances the unsuspecting audience lingered for quite some time, participated in conversation with each other as well as with the gallery workers and provided a great deal of positive feedback.