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Exhibited @ www.gallerythe.org March 16, 2006 through June 26, 2006 Work by: John Wolfer Josh Goldstein Mike Geno The "meatstore" exhibition is a culmination of approaches by three artists that draw from their experiences and react to the world around them. The commonality of the market, and more specifically the meat market industry, has an extensive effect on our culture and connects to reflects both our lives and roles in the art world on multiple levels. The opportunity to display the products of their world, their studio, in this setting, under glass for the outside world to browse, produces meatstore. John Wolfer- John Wolfer's current work has its origins in his personal connection to meat, he spent his formative years cutting meat in his father's meat store. This series of paintings uses metaphor and parody to raise questions about meat and its role in art and society. His intention is to study meat as a subject for still-life and parody in art throughout history and create work which combines and extends each of these genres. The paintings juxtapose traditional still-life painting and the more contemporary process of screen-printing. The idealized images and text are adopted from advertising collateral from the 1940s and 50s. The meat itself is painted from life in a more realistic manner. The result is intended to raise questions about the complexity of beauty, humor, and society at large. There was a time when meat wasn't the culturally divisive subject it is today. My work attempts to bridge and blur the distinction between then and now. This comparison is made by stylized screen-printed images, contrasted by realistically painted meat and further emphasized by the double entendre present in the slogans. Mike Geno- This extended series of meat paintings involves the sensuality and seductiveness of meat. Having worked in meat rooms at supermarkets, as both a clerk and apprentice meat cutter, long enough I see the aesthetic values in a wide range of cuts of meat. As an 'artist/meat cutter' I recognized the necessity for meat to be abstracted in order to be swallowed, therefore, it was natural for me to objectify meat and approach it with the same focus as my other still-life objects. I found it most enjoyable to work with subject matter that attracted a diverse audience consisting of vegetarians and carnivores alike. The more recent additions to this series approach the beauty of meat as a subtle decorative element that heightens the weight, color and over all fleshiness of the subject. Beyond simply describing, I enjoy the language and substance of oil paint and make use of its inherent qualities to explore and experience the world around me more fully. Josh Goldstein- Born in Indiana to a Mexican mother and a Jewish father, Josh Goldstein has lived in New York City since 1994. He studied architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and has worked at several architecture firms, while pursuing his real passion of biking around the city photographing signs and storefronts, from Chinese fish markets to Hasidic hat shops. The New York bodega especially interests him. He is attracted by the bodegas' "bright colors, bold graphics, rotating set of key words and phrases, and strong horizontal banding, as well as by their current state of faded glory." Josh has been frantically photographing these signs for over four years, collecting thousands of images using his outdated digital camera and beat-up bike. Josh has photographed over 1000 bodegas in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. His favorite bodega items are: 1. Ting, 2. Coco Rico, 3. bananas, 4. Goya black beans, 5. dill pickle