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Unreal City, Unreal Country
Exhibited @ November 10 through December 20, 2009 Work by: Carl Gunhouse Tiana Peterson Lauren Portada Christine Rogers The stability of the landscape beneath our feet is a constant that we all take for granted. It is the template for all existence and culture. Yet due to today’s selling, reselling, and speculation we find ourselves experiencing an uncertainty about land use not seen in our country since the Depression. Each unique in their approach, Christine Rogers, Tiana Peterson, Carl Gunhouse and Lauren Portada all deal with the current state of landscape: the seduction of the suburban, our utopian ideals, the realities of development, and the erosion of our hopes and dreams. Christine Rogers directly addresses the promise offered by a land lot with a home, the assurance that once purchased, a home will provide a lasting sense of security, a comfortable framework for personal and family happiness. Her photographs lovingly depict the sunny, soft-focus fantasy that suburbia promise residents. Tiana Peterson’s collages of Frank Gehry’s architectural pop-up books present an ideal artistic vision of land use, where we find a deconstructed landscape inhabited by undulating architectural sleights of hand, poetic references to Gehry’s work. Carl Gunhouse makes landscape photographs of housing developments to confront the stark reality that the suburban ideal is vanishing. The security once assured with a home outside the city has morphed into a blind alley of devalued homes and insurmountable debt. Lauren Portada’s paintings depict a space of post-apocalyptic wilderness. Her dark, murky, and unrecognizable landscapes depict the fear that these once promising ideal neighborhoods will be abandoned, becoming a wasteland of unfinished roads and overgrown lots.