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Exhibited @ November 26, 2007 through May 18, 2008

Work by: Gene Greger RoseRose Harry Seldom The artists in this exhibition are linked by both a common tool, the computer, and a common aesthetic thread: a visual complexity that exposes harmonies and truths normally unavailable to the un-enhanced eye. They invite you to see deeply and clearly, following details and building associations to form a reality in your mind's eye that is bigger than the big picture before you. Another link: Each artist's methods are innovative, in the sense that they create their work outside the standard means for making computer-based visual art, defining their own parameters outside of those readily available from a pull-down menu. Freedom from the tyranny of popular tools has opened the door to startilng insights and expanded horizons. One artist exploits artifacts within the processes of existing graphics software, extracting optical data through iterative "abuse" - the bug-turned-feature. The other two have abandoned existing software entirely, dreaming up and building their tools from original code before coloring the first pixel. (I'll let you guess which is which.) And yet another link: each artist also regularly produces video work. These still images, complete on their own, can also be seen in this context as instantaneous glimpses of ongoing systems, possessing a past and a future. Or perhaps containing within them the distillation of another, more time-based, process, with the past and present more explicit than implied. These artists have created dense experiences for us to unpack and inhabit, testing the limits of their medium's potential in original ways. Bringing the work of these artists together in this exhibition creates an opportunity for conversation, and by engaging in that dialogue we might triangulate a fresh perspective on the state of innovative expression in computer-based visual art.