www.gallerythe.org opened in March 2001.
"PAINT"      March - April, 2001      Michael Fabian,  Gilbert Hsiao,  Lori Ortiz
"LIVING SPACE"      curated by Michael Fabian       May - June, 2001
Work by: James Antonie,  Jill Bliss
"P.S. 261"      June - September, 2001      P.S. 261 5th Grade Graduating Class
"PAINT & INK"      September - November, 2001      Vivian Manning,  Carol Salmanson,  Nana Deleplanque
"INTERACTIVE I"      December 2001 - January 2002      Debra L. Hampton,  Camille Utterback,  Kathleen & William Laziza
"POLTERGEIST & DEFLECTION OF MEDIA"      January - February, 2002      Stacy Pershall,  willy mal
"WATER"      March - April, 2002      Reciprocal Press,  Kate Egan,  Valerie Kelemen
"THREADS"      April - June, 2002     Pedro Elias Cruz-Castro,  Kay Gordon,  Sally Gil
"P.S. 261"      June - September, 2002      P.S. 261 5th Grade Graduating Class
"LIMBIC"      September - October, 2002      Rachel Karlin,  Kim Connell with Stephanie Hodnett,  Christa Toole
"ECCO VANITAS"      curated by Koan-Jeff Baysa      November 2002 - January, 2003
Work by: Alyce Santoro,  Jeph Gurecka and Jeff Wyckoff,  a.m. hotch
"COMPLETED BY NATURE"      curated by Koan-Jeff Baysa     January 21, 2003 - March 21, 2003
Work by: Joseph Trumpey, Sally Resnik Rockriver,  Huong Ngo
"DARK SCIENCE"      curated by Koan-Jeff Baysa     March 26, 2003 - May 30, 2003
Work by: Stephen Olivier,   Bill Byrne,  Fred Fleisher
"P.S. 261"      June - September, 2003      P.S. 261 "Five Chinese Folktales" by Class 3-314
"DELTA TIME"      curated by Koan-Jeff Baysa     September 12, 2003 - June 19, 2004
Work by: Lambert Fernando,  Julianne Swartz,  Fred Fleisher and Jona Lagman
"RETROSPECTIVE: BEST OF TEEN WORK 2002-2003"        June 30 - Sept 14, 2004
Positive Focus, Inc., A Not-for-Profit Center for Emerging Photoartists
"MAPS"      September 21, 2004 - November 2, 2004     Michael Fabian,  Tamara Kostianovsky,  Mark Stafford
"DISTANCE MADE GOOD"      curated by Hawley Hussey     November 12, 2004 - January 24, 2005
Work by: Meridith McNeal  Laura Hewitt,  Shari Lee,   and Iva Hladis
"Contest 8 – "SHOW US THE LIGHT"        January 27th - March 21, 2005
Positive Focus, Inc., A Not-for-Profit Center for Emerging Photoartists
"CROCKERY"      curated by Lori Ortiz     March 25-June 27, 2005
Work by: Susan Hamburger,  Rachel Youens,   and Daphne Cummings
"MONOLOGUE" Recent graduates of the School of Visual Arts BFA Photography program
curated by Monique Perreault     June 30-September 5, 2005
Work by: Zackary Drucker,  Katie Kingma,   Monique Perreault,  Ashley Reid and Martha Thorneloe
"SECOND NATURE"      curated by Dawn Gavin     September 8, 2005 - December 5, 2005
Work by: Barb Bondy  Cheo Park,   and Moira Scott Payne
"It's a Small World"      curated by Veronica Mijelshon and Julie Peppito     December 8, 2005 - March 13, 2006
Work by: Juye Han   Cheo Park,   and Jihyun Park
"MEATSTORE"      curated by Mike Geno     March 16, 2006 - June 26, 2006
Work by: John Wolfer  Mike Geno,   and Josh Goldstein
"BRINK"      curated by Dawn Gavin     June 29, 2006 - October 6, 2006
2006 Graduates of the Department of Art Honor’s Program at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Work by: Judy Stone   Mia Rollow,   and Anna Whitehead
"LIGHTSCAPES, NIGHTSCAPES and MICROSCAPES"      curated by Jennifer Mankins     June 20 - September 21, 2007
Work by:  Cameron Goodyear,  Anna Killander,  Chistopher Martino
"PAUSE"      curated by Evonne M. Davis     September 27 - November 16, 2007
Work by:  Gianluca Bianchino,  Paul Gabel,  Jesse Houlding,  Jenny Hyde,  Beth Krebs
"MORE MEETS THE EYE: OPTICAL INNOVATION"      curated by Stephan Moore
November 26, 2007 through May 18, 2008
Work by:  Harry Seldom,  Gene Greger,  RoseRose
"The Peace Builders of P.S. 119, The Magnet School of Global and Ethical Studies, Midwood, Brooklyn, N.Y."
Student work curated by Hawley Hussey, Director of Education, BRIC Rotunda Gallery      May - September, 2008
"MEDIUM RARE"      curated by Will Corwin
September 18, 2008 through May 18, 2009
Work by:  Elise Co,  Will Corwin,  Clara Fialho,  Shervone Neckles,  Tommy Mintz  and  Nikita Pashenkov
"The Peace Builders of P.S. 119, The Magnet School of Global and Ethical Studies and The FUNDRED Project"
Student work curated by Hawley Hussey, Director of BRIC Contemporary Art Education     June 18, 2009 - November 5, 2009
"UNREAL CITY, UNREAL COUNTRY"      curated by Carl Gunhouse & Christine Rogers
November 2009 through May, 2010
Work by:  Tiana Peterson,  Lauren Portada,  Carl Gunhouse,  Christine Rogers
CAROLINE BELL   June 2005 - November 2006
PATRICK VISENTIN    "OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS II"    September 2008 - November 2009
MICHAEL FABIAN   "PRESENT PAINT"    November 2009 - July 2011
The SHARECROPPER Project by LEAH GAUTHIER   June 11, 2009 - HARVEST 2009