The Quilt was created during Spring 2002 by artists from the Henry Street Settlement, children from class 5-414 and Seniors who reside at the Bishop Mugavero Center in Brooklyn.    Sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

The experience that class 5-414 felt when doing the quilt with the residents from the senior center:

"We thought that since we have grown a bond with most of the residents there, we thought that making a quilt would be a great idea.    We would be helping the citizens with the quilt and they would give us ideas and such.    It would also be a perfect way of telling other kids that no matter what their age or how different other people can be, you should give them a chance and you might grow a bond with that person.     Just like we did with the residents."

Written by: Jui-Chen-Teng Class 5-414 PS 261

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