Positive Focus, Inc.
A Not-for-Profit Center for Emerging Photoartists

Positive Focus was founded to provide a Brooklyn community of emerging photoartists with a supportive 
environment for artistic development, youth education and community outreach services. Presently, we 
are still an all volunteer agency and are always interested in adding responsible volunteers for all 
types of projects with short and long term involvements. Specifically, our objectives are: 

To open a nonprofit center for emerging photoartists, bringing together the photoartists and youth of 
Brooklyn in an exploratory setting that focuses on encouraging creativity in the next generation.

To provide low-cost photography classes to give teens an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques 
necessary to draw out their talent. We want to do this at the lowest price possible to the teens and by 
extension of the community around us. 

To provide Brooklyn with a low-cost darkroom rental service in a clean, friendly space at an hourly rate, 
or to provide co-op services to artists with workspace at a monthly rate. This will allow artists of all 
ages to explore different media and find where they fit into the photographic world. 

To establish a gallery space that will show the work of emerging photoartists and feature solo shows or 
small group shows that will give exposure to the next generation of photoartists. The gallery would be 
supported by a website with information about Positive Focus, portfolios resources and a comprehensive 
online listing of photo galleries in Brooklyn.

Post Office Box 180 473 Brooklyn, NY 11218 - 0473 tel: [718] 854-4639 fax: [718] 504-4145

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