Show Us the Light

Panel of Jurists: Bob Weiss, S. Kaye Klein, Vicente Revilla

Bob Weiss has been a painter and exhibiting artist for over thirty five years. 
Mr. Weiss has taught on the college level and for the past 15 years, has been 
the Chair of the Visual Art department at the Berkeley Carroll School in Park 
Slope, Brooklyn. The gallery has been open for four years, showing paintings, 
drawings, prints and photography by both Brooklyn artists, national and 
international artists. Object Image Gallery is located at 91 Fifth Ave. 
between Park and Prospect Places in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. 

S. Kaye Klein, a graduate of NYU's MA program, her concentration is black & 
white fine art photography. Prior to her present focus, Klein shot commercial 
color work for dog show circuits and dog publications internationally printed 
and recognized.  As an RN, her photography is used as a healing device for 
biofeedback of psycho-social issues especially amongst children.  Ms. Klein's 
fine art work has been exhibited throughout the country with many shows located 
here, as well as around the world China, Cuba, England.  She has also been 
featured in publications & books in over 22 countries since the late 70s. 

Vicente Revilla works as a librarian at Borough of Manhattan Community College 
in New York City. His photographs have been exhibited in New York City, Hawaii, 
and throughout Peru.  Mr. Revilla has been granted awards in librarianship and 
photography by the CUNY/Research Foundation, the New York Council for the 
Humanities and the Fulbright Foundation.  Mr. Revilla will be developing a 
photography book or two this year.

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