wwwgallerythe.org is pleased to present the annual show of the 5th Grade graduating class of 2002 from P.S. 261 in Brooklyn, NYC.

Dorrine DeChant and the committee of students Ebony Wells, Simone Ramirez, Jasper Johnson decided to create Trophy Sculptures that answer the question:
"What do you want to be remembered for?"

We have found the results of this year's project intriguing.

The breakdown is as follows: [Number of Students- The answer]

1- Being a Good American 1- Love of the Twin Towers 1- Love of Peace 1- Love of Friendship 1- Love of Love 1- Being a Mediator

1- Love of Flowers
1- Being #1
1- Love of Happy Faces
1- Being Funny
1- Being a Star
1- Love of Dogs
1- Love of Cats

7- Love of Art
2- Love of Drawing
1- Love of Music
1- Love of Playing the Clarinet
1- Love of Singing
1- Love of Playing the Piano

5- Love of Computers
4- Love of Reading
3- Love of Math
3- Love of Science
3- Love of Graduating
2- Love of Writing

11- Love of Basketball
8- Love of Baseball
6- Love of Football
4- Love of Soccer
3- Love of Sports
2- Love of Skateboarding
2- Love of Ice Skating
2- Love of the Yankees
1- Love of Running Track
1- Love of the Tennessee Titans
1- Love of Handball
1- Love of Gymnastics
1- Love of Cars
1- Love of Motorcycles
1- Love of Sports Never Played
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