Presents the artwork of:

Five Chinese Folktales
By Class 3-314

Ziad Masoud
Tikki Tikki Tembo Puppet- Tikki Tikki Tembo Ziad is the brother of Adnon, an old puppeteer here at the 314 theater. Ziad has his own unique style, which is a more relaxed professional approach. Ziad’s last performance was as a sun in Nan’s “Er Lang and the Seven Suns.” Ziad is currently working on putting together a human body puzzle that has been taking him 2 weeks.

Zykeya McLeod
The Moon Lady – A Story by Amy Tan Puppet- The Moon Lady Zykeya is a newcomer to P.S. 261 and is fitting in great. She has just begun a career in acting and modeling. She has recently taken photographs and preparing for auditions for professional jobs. Look for her face, she’ll be everywhere.

Heifa Muthana
Yeh-Shen – A Cinderella story from China Puppet- Stepsister Heifa is playing the ugly stepsister but couldn’t bring herself to make an ugly puppet. She loves art and loves to create beautiful things. Heifa loves to write and is currently working on a realistic fiction short story.
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